Est. 1989

Electric Bill Communications is a design and creative studio founded to meet the needs of a growing start-up and small business sector. Since inception we have worked with scores of businesses to improve the strength of their brand. We have provided agencies with the creative assets that drive their customer’s campaigns, promotions and sales.

EBC set the pace for adopting digital technology early in our history. Since then we have consistently pushed the digital envelope. We are capable of creating compelling visual design for virtually any application.

For almost 3 decades we have created the materials and tools business requires to market, promote and sell products and services.

We welcome the opportunity and the challenge to work with your company. We love to find the ideas that ignite the imagination of your customers.


We provide our best solutions by becoming an extension of your company. By thoroughly comprehending the vision of your operation, materials, processes and sales cycle we can provide solutions that move your company forward. We are happy jumping in with your firm at start-up or taking you to your next growth stage.


Divergence – Exploring possibilities and constraints of inherited situations by applying critical thinking to create new understanding toward better design solutions.

Transformation – Redefining specifications of design solutions to improve guidelines for traditional and contemporary design activities.

Convergence – Prototyping scenarios for better design solutions that incrementally or significantly improve the originally inherited situation.

Sustainability – Managing the process of exploring, redefining and prototyping of design solutions continually over time.

Articulation – Creating the visual relationship between the parts and the whole.

We can draw anything for any visual application of communication. Editorial, conceptual or instructional, EBC can develop the imagery your customers need to see.
Website/Interface Design in a CMS environment. EBC provides site solutions for customers that require an integrated web solution to sell products or provide content. From PSD to Launch we have ideas for your online interface.
Having your ``trees`` seen despite the ``forest`` in which you do business is our specialty. Communicating the essence of your business and mission to your customers is what we have been doing for clients for almost 30 years.

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