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More a dream project than work.

This project was a conceptual wonderland. With a subject matter close to our hearts we could not help but fall in love. We consulted with BAA and quickly signed on as Creative/Art Directors and web developers.

It was a conceptually rich opportunity for our expression in every form of media from print to web.

And there would be fish so…

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Soft Words|Big SticksTM,
was not your average thought of the day.

EBC developed the module Soft Words, Big Sticks for the client. The intention to create thoughts of the day to make you go think.

“The idea is to build a site with insights into beer, music, writing, politics and the occasional fishing report. It may go to print it may not.”

– The Client

A Content Driven Web Site Built in Expression Engine

BAA website and online media outlet

The web site was to be a multi-media bonanza. It would deliver HD photography, streaming video and music along with clever content and articles. The owners wanted a newspaper feel visually and room for lots of banners.

The site was sponsor driven. EBC developed a banner delivery system that allowed for extensive reporting of metrics and per click control throughout the site.

We deployed Expression Engine CMS the best open source solution for a robust, high volume site. EBC hosted, served the site and maintained the server functions.

Media Kit

Developing Advertising, Sponsor Supported Media
and Rates Programs

Though initially developed for an online presence, BAA was slated to print a quarterly issue of stories, photographs and esoterica. EBC not only designed the media kit for sponsor rates, we developed the entire sales program. Our experience in publishing and advertising put us in the position to understand the cost of development and establish a pricing program that put profits in pocket.

BAA, online media, fly fishing

Fishing For Beer

Sponsor supported content program
(and opportunity to visit a lot of breweries.)

Where there are fish there will be fishermen. This means beer is sure to follow. EBC devised the “Fishing for Beer” tour. It was a content generating tour of the numerous craft breweries located in NC. We provided graphic, content support for each article and had to go to breweries, sample beer and take photographs. Nice work if you can get it!

EBC worked with the client to develop the tour concept, sponsorship promotional programs as well as, pricing and rate structure for the campaign.

Applications Used:

Almost all of them.

Programming Language(s): Expression Engine CMS, HTML, PHP, JS, OpenX Ad Managment

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