Photo-Retouching and Post-Production Effects

We are often engaged to add, subtract or embellish our clients photos. We’ve been using Photoshop since version 1.0 in 1990. Before that we used pencils and airbrushes and sometimes our own blood… so get of our lawn sonny!

Before > | < After

Good fun on this stock image to customize it to the customers brand uniform and bend the image to their marketing needs. It saved a high cost photo-shoot with three models. The instrument in her hand was removed, her gown was converted to a short sleeve rep’s gown and outfitted the model with the client’s scrub’s cap with logo. Then we embroidered the company logo on the sleeve using an illustrator file.

Before > | < After

We worked the blown out areas of this stock photograph around the model’s hands, rebuilt the model’s hands and added back some sky effect. Color and value enhancements were made throughout the image to offset backlit shadows. We dodged and burned details throughout as well as sharpened the image considerably. The effect is subtle but it is another example of an inexpensive stock shot finding use in a high profile campaign.