Product Illustration – Nasal Cannula

A picture is worth a thousand words and about $1400 a day in the studio… sometimes an illustration is faster, more flexible and efficient than a photograph. We worked with a parter agency to provide these product illustrations for their client in the face of expensive photoshoot(s) that may or may not have captured the details of the delicate product materials.

product illustration,raleigh,nc,medical,Bill Pridgen

We began by quick snaps in the studio to get general positions and placement nailed down in literature mockups.

We were able to provide the Art Director with multiple positions to work with on preliminary layouts. With the general position selected, we moved on to FPO vector images to fine tune the wrap and composition of the product.

We then moved on to final rendering of materials and lighting in Illustrator, then a layered Photoshop file for final composition. The illustrations were utilized in print literature, online promotion and presentation materials.

product illustration,medical,raleigh, nc
For position only shots for the agencies layout.
product illustration,demonstration,raleigh, nc
Shooting to meet the Art Director's spec.
product illustration, presentation,print,raleigh,nc
Fine Tuning Position and Composition
Block in 2_2
product illustration, medical, sales, raleigh, nc
FPO Renders For Approval
product illustration, raleigh, nc, demonstration,presentation
The final product illustration proof.
product illustration,raleigh,nc,electric bill
Second view in layout.

Applications Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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