Our Time With Tux

We would be hard pressed to say there was a ongoing project that was as fun as drawing Tux for numerous open source companies, non-profits and Linux Magazine. From advertisements to magazine covers there was no place we couldn’t imagine Tux. Our latest is a pirate Tux character tattoo for the leg of the Linux and Open Source advocate, Jon “maddog” Hall.

Thanks to Larry Ewing, the creator of the original Tux for such a fun character and mascot with which to work.

Developing and illustrating caricatures, characters, mascots and cartoons in the name of distinguishing for products, services and brand is one of our favorite things. EBC works with our clients to help put a fun face on the way their customers perceive them. Everybody loves a mascot!

All images are property of Electric Bill Communications. Reuse, duplication or reproduction is strictly prohibited.
The Tux Character is the unofficial mascot of Linux and various organizations in the Linux/Open Source Universe.

Applications Used:

Adobe IllustratorStudioPro, Poser and good old pencil and paper. Yes, actual drawing tools.

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